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1Persons Entertainment: Why it’s fun to go out by yourself.

    Let’s face it. Going out alone is something many people are afraid of. Obviously. And precisely for this reason it is very cool if you actually can. You will be forced to step outside your comfort zone. And let’s be honest: you can not let a night out depend on the availability of […]

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Benefits of wellness

    It is wonderful to spend a day in the spa. Swim, whirlpool and then perhaps a massage. A spa visit has a relaxing effect which seems to be good for your health. Is it only the relaxing feeling you hold on to or are there more pluses to visit a spa? I have […]

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Tips for a healthy lifestyle Living a healthy lifestyle has gotten popular lately. On Instagram people share their fitness journey where they overload you with pictures of them doing yoga, working out in the gym, and of course pictures of their favorite and very healthy meals. Even though the obesity rate is shockingly high, being […]

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