Benefits of wellness




It is wonderful to spend a day in the spa. Swim, whirlpool and then perhaps a massage. A spa visit has a relaxing effect which seems to be good for your health. Is it only the relaxing feeling you hold on to or are there more pluses to visit a spa? I have recently been to a spa in KL so I will tell you more about my spa purposes.


Benefits of wellness

The first question is “why do we go to the spa”? The purpose of a visit to the spa can be seen in three parts:

  1. Mental relaxation
  2. Physical relaxation
  3. Social activity


Mental relaxation wellness
We’re getting busier and busier..

A visit to one of the many wellness centers can ensure you to lose stress and all the bagage that has been hanging on your shoulders. A spa helps to relax, reduce stress and charge your mental battery.


Scientists have also studied the influence of wellness on our concentration and efficiency when we do something with wellness at least one time per week. It seems that people who regularly visit a wellness, are at least two times as productive and have better concentration.







Physical relaxation

It has been proven that if you regularly go to the spa, you simply live longer. This, because your body has the chance to release stress during a spa visit. Stress reflects on your body and mental health.

Sauna, massage or a swim, all contribute positively to physical relaxation. This is definitely recommended from time to time!



Social activity

Last but not least, it’s a fun social activity. With a group of friends, a day to the spa could be a very nice social, team building activity. Discover the best spa in KL and plan your spa day with a friends.

It also appears that a visit to the spa helps you develop a more positive attitude because of a comfortable feeling and your fresh skin.



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Tips for a healthy lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle has gotten popular lately. On Instagram people share their fitness journey where they overload you with pictures of them doing yoga, working out in the gym, and of course pictures of their favorite and very healthy meals. Even though the obesity rate is shockingly high, being fit is more important than ever. I didn’t really know where to start, so I asked some of these people with these ‘healthy Instagram profiles’ and will share some of the best tips with you.

Believe in yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. You need to be 100% willing to give your best, otherwise you shouldn’t start at all. Start every morning by looking at your self dead center in the mirror and voicing out loud the day’s goals.

Set attainable goals

Setting goals will give you extra motivation because you know what you’re working for. A goal can for example be: lose 6 kilograms before the wedding. This will give you a boost because you know if you stick to your program, you will look good on your wedding.

Get help

A lot of people recommended me to go to a slimming center. Of course I had to try this as well so I went to a slimming centre in KL, Malaysia. For me it worked great.
A slimming centre could really help you!
A slimming centre could really help you!

Eat healthy

Nutrition is key. This doesn’t mean that you have to starve yourself to get fit. It is the right nutrition that will make a difference. An apple a day provides the essential fibers that jump start one’s metabolism.

Treat yourself

Every once in a while, you deserve a little treat. This doesn’t have to be food, but you can also tell yourself: “If I reach my first goal, I can buy that bag I’ve wanted for so long”. This will give you more motivation. However, remember, don’t cheat!
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